Wicks and Wilson 8800 -Series Microfilm Scanners
  • Scan speeds  – up to 350 frames /min. ( 8850 model)
  • Digitizes all types of 16mm and 35mm microfilm including cartridges
  • Automated image location, using up to four levels of blip codes or document edges
  • NVIDIA-based image processing with custom microfilm imaging algorithms
  • Instant on-screen display, providing a real-time view which eliminates the need to rescan
  • Full compatibility with Virtual Scanstation – the custom off-line QA tool that dramatically enhances workflow, accuracy and productivity
  • A custom-designed lens, offering greater resolving power across all film types
  • A holographic diffuser in the 8800-Series’  illumination system for superior results from every scan

Microfilm image processing tools for consistent image results, including intelligent thresholding, gamma correction and auto white balance

Wicks and Wilson 7700 -Series Microfiche Scanners
  • Positive/negative, silver/vesicular/diazo, simplex/duplex, sheet/jacket, COM, AB Dick, portrait (cine)/landscape (comic). Also supports all standard aperture cards.
  • Bitonal output:  TIFF, CALS PDF (single or multi-pg)
  • Grayscale output:  JPEG, BMP, JPEG 2000, RAW TIFF,PDF
  • Up to 600 dpi resolution
  • Scans 7.5x to 50x (variable)
  • Digitizes all types of aperture cards and microfiche including COM formats
  • Automatically captures complete fiche or aperture cards, creating grayscale and bitonal images simultaneously at full speed
  • Runs on a powerful multi-core nVIDIA® graphics processor to display any imaging adjustments on-screen in real-time without the need to rescan
  • Engineered specifically for microfiche capture using custom lens, holographic diffuser and 12-bit camera system
  • Compatible with Virtual Scanstation software for microfiche, Wicks and Wilson’s comprehensive off-line QA tool and inspection tool that dramatically enhances workflow, accuracy, and productivity
MACH7380 HDX High Volume Microfilm Scanner
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Fast and accurate digital image retrieval from 16mm blip film
  • Real-time image control: operators can adjust image contrast and brightness during scanning, saving time and avoiding costly re-scans
  • Optional Batch Scan mode: scan, save and/or print documents within a specified image address range
  • Film Types:    16mm blipped and un-blipped film; 16mm ANSI cartridge positive negative; 
  • silver/vesicular/diazo; simplex/duplex; COM; portrait (cine); landscape (comic); multi-level (1,2,3) blipped films 
  • Bitonal File Format – BMP; PNG; TIFF (G3 or G4, single or multi-page); GIF; PDF (single or multi-page) 
  • Grayscale File Format – JPEG; JPEG 2000; BMP; PNG; GIF; TIFF (single or multipage); PDF (single or multi-page)
UScan+ Advanced Universal Film & fiche Scanners
  • Industry-high 18 megapixel active pixel area array sensor
  • Scan, print or save in color, grayscale or bitonal capture
  • Up to 2400 dpi resolution
  • Touchscreen-compatible interface
  • Customizable quick-start menu
  • USB 3.0 connectivity
  • ILL (Interlibrary Loan) Compatible
  • Flexible output options (Email, Cloud, USB, etc.)
  • Output to network, file save, USB, print, Cloud, Google Docs and CD/DVD
  • Two built-in USB ports
  • Standard features: Touchscreen; manual and motorized roll film pods; smart edit; annotation; timed auto-capture for film and fiche.  Rapidscan batch scanning; 3 M adapter; opaque microcard LED.
  • Scanner options: RapidScan batch scanning; 3M adapter; opaque microcard LED; vendor interface kit; OCR; foot pedal; low-level platen handle; manual roll film winding handle; microfilm spool adapter; monitor stand; cleaning kit
C400 Aperture Card Scanner High-volume C-Series Aperture Card Scanners
  • Excellent, Affordable Value
  • High-quality images at full resolution
  • Hollerith (punch) data is automatically read and used to select drawing sizes and file names, if required
  • On-demand and batch scanning modes included as standard feature
  • Virtual rescan automatically reprocesses the scanned image with alternative imaging parameters, eliminating the need for rescans
  • Capable of scanning any ISO aperture card with no extras or modifications to purchase
  • 150 card automated batch feed
ODS Overhead Document Scanner
  • Scans A3+ (20.4” x 16.5”) sized documents
  • Fast capture speeds (less than 0.5 seconds)
  • Plug-and-scan connectivity
  • Low maintenance
  • Output resolution:   100-2400 dpi
  • 2 or 4 USB ports   (based on model)
  • Output to USB, email, cloud, network, printer & more
  • Simple Installation
  • Scan Flat documents, bound books,…