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Upcoming Webinar on April 21st!

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We understand the pressure you’re under to improve cash flow and lower expenses. Let us show you why 70% of C-Level Managers reported a good to excellent ROI after transitioning to electronic document management for their accounting department (per the AIIM Industry Watch White Paper, Winning the Paper Wars).

Attend our webinar and get an understanding of how Document Management can help you shorten the purchase-to-pay cycle, increase early payment discount opportunities, efficiently share files for stress-free audits, and how convenient mobile access can help busy CFOs approve invoices and monitor workflow with instant status reviews.


• Find Documents Fast

• Shorten Purchase-to-Pay Cycle

• Share Files More Efficiently

• Experience Stress-free Audits

• Get Mobile Access to Documents

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Webinar Title: Why Optimize Your Accounting Processes with Document Management

Date: April 21, 2016

Times: 9:00 am (EDT)
12:00 pm (EDT)
3:00 pm (EDT)

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