Blue Bar (Elongated) Title Plant Conversion

Belize scanning project records

Belize Scanning Project Land Ownership Records

Precision Products successfully completed a large-scale paper-to-digital conversion of documents in 50 title plants.  The project involved the conversion over 50 million images into a digital format.  The plant files – in most cases – were moved to a consolidated plant library in Houston for the conversion, while other records were being used for the daily processing needs and for the guarantying of property ownership.  Some records were scanned on-site at strategic plants (such as one in the Dallas area).  The extensive experience that Precision Products had in multiple media types – especially with poor quality media – played a crucial role in this project.

Precision Products provided the document library via their cloud SASS system so that the records could be used by research staff in Texas, India and The Philipines until 2012, when they completed their indexing taxonomy for thesystem. 

The following is the reference letter provided by the Houston Central Production Unit of First American Title:

The Houston Central Production Unit of the National Production Services division of First American Title was pleased with the Conversion Services work by Will Waterall and Precision Products, Inc.

Belize Scanning Project
Scanning of Land Ownership Records

Mr. Waterall managed a multi-million dollar scanning and imaging project for our facility for approximately 22 months. The scope of the project, under Mr. Waterall’s responsibility, included the conversion of paper files, index cards, large scale drawings, and plat and survey books into document images. Many of our files and documents date back to the 1800’s and required special handling and care which Mr. Waterall’s staff provided.

Mr. Waterall visited our facility during the length of the project, ensuring his staff’s progress, overseeing the work, supervising staff and providing weekly status reports on each assignment. His professional handling of our project allowed our employees to work uninterrupted and without production delay. Should the opportunity present itself again, I would not hesitate to contact Mr. Waterall for imaging projects of all levels of complexity.

Robert J. Martos, Production Center Manager”.