Panasonic Color Scanner 3105C, 105ppm/230ipm

Panasonic High Speed Scanners.pdf

The KV-S3105C High Speed Full Color Duplex Scanner offers you the best of both worlds. Not only does it flawlessly handle a large volume of documents, the KV-S3105C offers binary and full color duplex scanning at a touch of button, all at an astonishing speed of 190 ipm.

Whether your documents call for traditional binary scanning or dual sided color, the KV-S3105C delivers the image quality that you have come to expect from Panasonic.


  • Full Color Duplex Production Scanning at 105 ppm/190 ipm
  • 600 dpi Binary and 400 dpi Color resolution
  • Advanced Panasonic Image Enhancement Technology
  • Dynamic Threshold Technology
  • RTIV Image Capture Utility
  • Selectable Black/White reference
  • Multi-color drop-out
  • Multi Stream output
  • ISIS and TWAIN Compliant drivers


also available in VRS Elite