Mekel Quantum Microfilm Software

No matter what the technology is called, when it comes to full-roll ribbon or full-fiche scanning, Mekel Technology’s software scanning and processing technologies offer superior image capture, quality, processing and savings benefits.

Increased operator productionScan at full-rated speeds without operator intervention

  • Share quality assurance tasks with multiple operators
  • Drive multiple MACH-series scanners (film and/or fiche) with a single operator
  • Reduced microform scanning costsNever search for lost images
  • Eliminate the need to rescan

Guaranteed 100% image capture

Optimum image quality for microfilm features:

  • Automatic Frame Detection
  • Speed
  • Optimum Resolution
  • Template Options
  • Image Quality Settings
  • Advanced Focus Option
  • Pre-Scan Testing
  • Multiple Ribbon Output Options
  • Advanced Frame Detection
  • Easy Transfer
  • Easy Workflow Integration

for microfilm and fiche features:

  • Batch Processing
  • Strip Zoom Capability
  • Editing Toolkit
  • Fixed Grid Frame Replication
  • Blip Removal
  • Irregular Frame Flag
  • Custom Processing
  • Multiple Output Options
  • Easy Workflow Integration
  • Image Enhancement
  • File-Naming Features
  • Auto-Split and Book Mode
  • “Go To” Command
  • Re-Detect Frames
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