Mekel Microfiche Scanner MACH6

The Mekel MACH series microfiche scanners are one of the most advanced fiche scanning systems on the market today. Designed to handle various microfiche and jacket formats, the MACH VI and MACH VII create superior image quality at high speeds from even the most difficult film. Designed for service bureaus, institutions, agencies and other large volume end-users, the MACH series microfiche scanners have a reputation as the one of the most automated, reliable, hardest-working and easiest-to-use equipment in the industry.

Using the latest in Mekel’s CCD, lens and patented “smoothlight” fiber optic technology, these fiche scanners demonstrate an ability to seamlessly convert any format of microfiche to various electronic image formats. Providing the highest optical dpi in the industry, the MACH series microfiche scanners deliver clear and consistent image quality while automatically regulating density variations common to many microfiche.


  • Fully automated microfiche load/unload, eliminating operator intervention
  • FastFiche Intelligent single-pass pre-scan locates all images of various sizes in seconds without the need for presets/wizards
  • Unmatched throughput speeds of up to 200 images per minute whether scanning grayscale, bi-tonal or dual grayscale/bi-tonal
  • Full fiche or title bar scan (opaque and transparent) with no loss in overall throughput
  • Real-time image sharpening and enhancement done in hardware
  • Automatic crop
  • Automatic invert
  • Automatic deskew
  • Automatic rotation
  • Automatic mirror
  • Software focus

FastFiche Highlights

  • Easy-access tabs allow for quick job set-up without the need for elaborate and confusing wizards
  • Advanced menus for detailed image enhancement features
  • Dual-view capability to view bi-tonal and grayscale images simultaneously without impacting speed
  • Image quality control and rescan window that allows for real-time image enhancement
  • Flexible and simple to use file naming capability
  • High Speed

In addition to superior image quality, the MACH VII fiche scanner is designed to operate at speeds of up to 200 images per minute. The MACH VI fiche scanner, a mid-range unit, achieves up to 100 images per minute. Both pieces can create both bi-tonal and grayscale images simultaneously without impacting speed.

Easy to Use Software Creates Added Value

FastFiche, the MACH series microfiche scanner software, virtually eliminates the software learning curve. The simple-to-use sliders, preview screens and flexibility often reserved for more sophisticated applications ensure that even a first-time operator will be scanning within hours of installation and training. Automatic image enhancement features allow for nearly unattended scanning without sacrificing image quality.

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