Mekel Microfilm Scanner MACH5

In 1989, Mekel Technology produced the world’s first-ever microfilm scanner and has remained at the industry forefront ever since. The recent inauguration of the MACH V strip scanner, powered by Quantum scanning and processing software, displays the attention to consumer needs and the engineering and manufacturing details that set Mekel Technology products apart from the competition. Mekel Technology provides a full line of microfilm scanners for service bureaus, corporations, government and other large-volume clients.

Designed for service bureaus, institutions, agencies and other large volume users, the MACH V handles 16mm and 35mm film formats up to 1,000 feet in length, creating superior image quality at high speeds from even the most difficult film. The latest in camera, lens and Mekel’s “smoothlight” fiber optic technology combine to deliver the most sophisticated system in the market.


  • FastFilm Lead/trail edge scanning (up to tri-level blip) or Quantum full-roll strip scanning technology
  • Speeds of up to 350 images/700 files per minute whether scanning grayscale, bi-tonal or dual grayscale/bi-tonal
  • Direct path imaging camera, film and light source engineered in-line to enable up to 600 true optical dip resolution
  • 1,000’ adapter, high-speed rewind and film cleaning rollers standard
  • Real-time image sharpening and enhancement done in hardware
  • No Reloading. No Re-Scanning.

Using Quantum Scan and Quantum Process completely eliminated. The MACH V scans an entire roll of film in minutes and simultaneously detects all images, flagging those that need review. Whether reviewing an entire roll or just suspect frames, the operator has an array of manual and automatic features to ensure 100% accurate image detection. A sophisticated toolkit of image processing features promises the highest image quality possible.

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