Mekel Microfilm Scanner MACH10

The MACH10 doubles the speed of Mekel’s MACH5 – scanning up to 700 images per minute or three minutes per 100’ roll at maximum speed, making it the fastest scanner in today’s market. Mekel’s custom Quantum capture and processing software guarantees no reduction in image quality with its 100% accurate image capture.

Reviews from pre-release demonstrations have been very positive, according to veteran Crowley hardware representative Rich Jackson, who specializes in Mekel Technology scanners. “I presented the MACH10 to a government agency this week and the benefits of the faster speed were immediately visible. Up against a tight project deadline, they had been considering the purchase of two MACH5 scanners. With the MACH10, they can produce twice the image volume with a single scanner and no additional hire. The long and short term savings were obvious.”


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