Mekel Aperture Card Scanner MACH1 ACS

The MACH1 ACS is Mekel Technology’s latest aperture card scanner, quickly and easily converting microfilm aperture cards to digital image data.

Designed for users with smaller aperture card archives who still require high quality digital images, the compact MACH1 ACS offers advanced imaging tools, fast scan speeds and Windows 7 compatibility (32 or 64 bit) The Hollerith read and auto-feed hopper allows for unattended batch scanning.

  • Up to 300 cards/hour
  • Sophisticated image enhancement tools ensure better first-scan results
  • Database storage of all Hollerith files for further processing
  • Dual-save, allowing for both bitonal and grayscale images to be saved from a single card scan
  • Save to: TIFF (bitonal); CALS (bitonal); PNG; PDF; JPEG (grayscale); BMP (grayscale); RAW TIFF (grayscale)


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