EPM Reference Archive i9620

Today, microfilm continues to be a low-cost, low-risk method of managing documents & information and is the media of choice for secure, “Reference-Archive” storage. With the i9620 Writer, you can bridge microfilm’s proven stability with the efficiency of digital technology.
The i9620 Writer is an ideal way to archive critical business records and protect them from tampering or loss. It accepts digital files, organized by your selected records management attributes — such as class, date, or destruction schedule — and then creates copies of them on EPM Reference Archive 16mm Microfilm Media. Self-describing indices provide built-in audit trails and help make your Reference Archive Repository accessible digitally through host applications.

The i9620 Writer includes:

  • i9600 Series Writer
  • i9620 Enabling Kit

Required items needed to complete a i9620 Writer system:

  • Archive Writer Interface Software (AWIS)
  • Imagelink Smart Cassette (100 or 215)
  • 16mm Archive Storage Microfilm Media (100′ or 215′ rolls)

Recommended Options:

  • Care Kit i9620 1, 2 or 3 Year Extended Warranty
  • Care Kit Site Accreditation & AWIS Training
The i9620 Writer — the easy way to help protect your critical business records from tampering or loss.