EPM film digitizer 2400 DSV

The 2400 DV Plus Digital Scanner-Printer is your total solution for printing and scanning microfilm. This state-of-the-art digital microfilm scanner combines the benefits of analog printers with a clean, easy-to-use digital interface. The 2400 DV Plus provides highly reliable and accurate on-demand image retrieval as well as batch and roll conversion scanning. It is compatable with both the MARS II & MARS IV Controllers and is ready to accept all the common Film Carriers.

With the optional PowerFilm software, you can easily digitize FICHE, Jackets, 16mm & 35mm Roll Film, 16mm “M” & “ANSI” Cartridges and Aperture Cards. It is the ideal solution for a wide range of low-to-mid volume 16mm, Jacket & FICHE applications because of its versatility & ease of use. It is used most often with film carriers using 16mm image-marked film.

The 2400 DV Plus Scanner includes:

  • Qty 1 2400 DV Plus Scanner with a 12″ x 12″ View Screen
  • Qty 1 Video printer cable
  • Qty 1 USB2 6′ Cable

Required items to complete a 2400 DV Plus scanning system:

  • One Film Carrier
  • One Lens


  • Controllers (MARS II or MARS IV)
  • Lenses Fixed (7.5x) and Zoom (9-16x, 13-27x, 23-50x)
  • Film Carriers (FICHE, Universal, Roll, or Auto Card Feeder)
  • Odometer
  • Footswitch
  • PowerFilm Application Software


  • 34ppm High Speed Laser Printer
  • Workstation
  • Manual Masking Kit

New Features incorporated into the 2400 DV Plus:

  • Full USB Compatibility
  • Compatibility with 34ppm Video Laser Printer
  • Optional new Motorized Carrier (UC-8)
  • Powerfilm enabled for Windows 7