Contex HD Ultra i3650s

With 600dpi optical resolution, the combination of highly sensitive 4-channel CCD cameras and full-sized high-quality camera lenses, the Contex HD Ultra i3650s scanner provides the best image quality available in wide format scanning. With image processing performed inside the scanner, your PC is free to run software more efficiently. The HD3650 offers optimal speed for colour scanning.

Contex HD Ultra i3650s at a Glance

  • 36″ Max scan width
  • Optical resolution 600 dpi
  • Maximum resolution 1200 dpi
  • 24-bit/8-bit data capture (colour/mono)
  • Scanning at 12″ per second in black and white
  • Scanning at 1.5″ per second in colour
  • Plus upgrade available for increased speed and resolution
  • Ideal for scanning graphic and photographic originals


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