Colortrac & Contex (Large Format Scanners)

Precision Products Inc. offers the complete line of Colortrac and Contex large format scanners. The best selling ones are listed here.

Worthy notes:

  • The Colortrac SC 42 Large format scanners offer the best value
  • SC Scanners include Smartworks EZ Touch Software, USB 3 cable, Power Cord and a 2-year on-site warranty (Support Stand and Catch Basket are optional).
  • Both Contex and Colortrac are the same speed in mono and RGB – 12 IPS in mono and 4 RGB
  • Both have the same dpi – 1200
  • Colortrac will adjust to handle document up to 0.80 “. Contex is 0.60”.
  • Colortrac comes with a stand, software and a 2 year on-site warranty. This items are available options with Contex
  • Colortrac has a center floater roller that allows you to scan fragile documents. It will scan pattern paper.
  • Both are CCD Scanners. Colortrac has an extra camera to give better focus.
  • Contex still uses fluorescent bulbs (replacement is up to $900-, because you can’t just replace the bulb, you have to replace the sleeve). When the bulb dims, as fluorescent bulbs do, more calibration is required, and a warm up period is required before you can use the scanner. Colortrac uses LED’s. They last forever (almost), they are instant on and they provide a constant bright white light. There is no degradation from end to end because of weak spots on the bulb.
  • Colortrac optional SmartWorks Pro Scan provides a scan-once Software, so you can make all the adjustments after the scan.
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