Electronic Medical Records Get a Clean Bill of Health

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The Providence Center mental health and behavioral treatment center integrated DocuWare to create complete electronic medical records. With electronic records available 24/7, staff is assured that a medical record will always be available, even after hours.

Challenge – The Providence Center serves over 11,000 clients a year and maintains a clinical medical record for each one. The records vary in size from a few sheets to over nine inches of paper. Although they work around the clock, their paper-based medical records could only be accessed from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. Records needed to be requested in advance of appointments and were physically delivered to The Providence Center’s various locations. Records that were missing, misfiled, or with another service provider were a hindrance to providing quality care.

The Providence Center needed to implement an electronic medical records solution that would eliminate the need for maintaining and delivering paper medical records in support of providing day-to-day clinical services. A completely electronic medical record was needed that contained both demographic and contact information, as well as evaluation forms, lab reports and other documents that were normally kept on paper.

Solution The Providence Center chose to implement and integrate DocuWare as the electronic document repository portion of its information management system.  The DocuWare Software Development Kit allowed The Providence Center to integrate its custom document development software to support automatic indexing and document storage, further increasing the quality of the record by reducing human error. Moving to a completely electronic medical record has further improved record quality by allowing electronic audits to link services tracked in one database against documentation stored in DocuWare.

First and foremost, the implementation was a company-wide effort. The implementation team interviewed employees across all program and functional areas to determine how the paper record was being used in providing services. The information gathered from the interviews was invaluable in helping to develop a solution that provides emergency staff access to records 24/7, improves services with instant access to medical records, automatically correlates services and creates one complete electronic record for each client.