Kodak AlarisKodak Alaris Wins 2016 Scanner Line of the Year by BLI

Our friends at Kodak have received highest marks yet again. Kodak Alaris has won the Buyers Lab International 2016 Scanner Line of the Year title – a prestigious title that highlights the extremely impressive Kodak Alaris product offerings.

Kodak Alaris Buyer's Lab 2016 Scanner Line Of The Year


Buyer’s Lab International is “the most comprehensive source of independent research, data and analysis in the industry.”* This award shows the high performance and outstanding quality of the entire Kodak Alaris scanner line. Great job Kodak team!

*The quote about Buyer’s Lab International was taken directly from the Buyer’s Lab International homepage at http://www.buyerslab.com/.

The video is from https://www.youtube.com/, and more videos related to Kodak can be found there.