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Important Information About This Great Company

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Kodak Alaris Established Date 3Kodak Alaris Founding Date

The Kodak Alaris business was established on September 3, 2013 when the UK Kodak Pension Plan (a financial vehicle that pays the pensions of British Kodak employees) acquired the Document Imaging and Personalized Imaging businesses from Eastman Kodak Company.

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Kodak Alaris Manufacturing

Kodak Alaris Manufacturing Locations

The Kodak Alaris Line Of Information Management products have manufacturing facilities in a number of locations. Among these are:

  • Shanghai, CHINA

  • Xiamen, CHINA

  • Wuxi, CHINA

  • Manaus, BRAZIL


  • Rochester, New York, AMERICA

  • Windsor, Colorado, AMERICA

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Kodak Alaris - DictionaryThe meaning behind the company name “Kodak Alaris”

The name of the company, “Kodak Alaris,” was chosen with the intention of retaining the familiar and indispensable moniker of the Eastman Kodak Company while adding a the new “Alaris” to give a sense of quickness and eagerness – a reflection of the quick and friendly line of information management products made by the new company. The word “Alaris” derives its meaning from its Latin counterpart “Alacritas,” which has a number of different meanings, including: cheerfulness, liveliness, gaiety, eagerness, persistence, zeal, fervour, joy, rejoicing, exultation, and triumph.

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A Brief Look At George Eastman – A Pioneer In The Field Of Image Capture Technology, The Legacy Of Which Transferred To Then Further Developed And Advanced By Kodak Alaris

George Eastman was an inventor and an extremely successful businessman who founded and ran the Eastman Kodak Company. George is especially famous for inventing the very first camera in the late nineteenth century in the noteworthy year of 1888.

In 1930, near the closing stages of his memorable and history-changing life, George Eastman  was awarded the American Institute of Chemists Gold Medal.

More than 2 decades after the passing of our brother and dear friend George Eastman – a pioneer in the development of film technology and the inventor of the first camera – on July 12, 1954 the United States Government issued a 3-cent commemorative stamp marking the 100th anniversary of Eastman’s appearance on our planet Earth (his birth). This stamp was issued first in Rochester, New York.

*The information in this section was found on www. Wikipedia.org. Thank you so much to our friends at Wikipedia!

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Kodak Alaris - AI Foundry LogoKodak Alaris Starts AI Foundry And Pushes Into The  Self-Learning Software Market

Kodak Alaris has a diverse and extensive line of information management offerings including advanced scanner hardware, image capture software, professional-quality films, premium paper and high-level display materials, image collection and organization software, thermal printer media, as well as micrographics support, among others. Kodak Alaris moves deeper into the foray of advanced software offerings with AI Foundry. AI Foundry develops automated technologies through the harnessing Of Artificial Intelligence algorithms and machine learning programs. The result is powerful and easy-to-use self-learning software packages.

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Kodak Alaris - Kodak Moments

Kodak Alaris Releases Kodak Moments App For Sharing Pictures In 2015

The Kodak Moments App is Kodak Alaris’ answer to Instagram. Kodak Moments  allows its app users to upload and store photos, edit these photos and add text. There is also support for changing image size and also quick printing at Kodak Picture Kiosks. The Kodak Moments App also connects to Facebook.


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What Is Kodak Alaris Document Imaging All About?

Kodak Alaris Document Imaging Solutions (www.kodakalaris.com/go/di) is focused on the goal of allowing customers to transform paper-based information sources to digital data, organize and manage this digital data, draw important and insightful observations from the data, and use all of this to deliver the proper information/knowledge to the correct places and the correct people on schedule. Kodak Alaris Digital Imaging Solutions offers this:

  • ultra high-quality, ultra-high efficiency document scanner hardware

  • scanning, data organization and data management software

  • a large and growing field of professional service offerings

  • some of the very best service and tech support

Kodak Alaris helps a large group of different customers – from  smaller businesses all the way up to very large international enterprises. Kodak Alaris delivers newly engineered and updated, smart systems and solutions that allow businesses to “automate their processes, enhance their customer relationships, and make more informed decisions.”*

*quote from Kodak Alaris FAQ at https://www.kodakalaris.com/about/frequently-asked-questions

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Kodak Alaris - Environmental SustainabilityKodak Is Focused On Environmental Sustainability

The Kodak team strives to improve their company’s impact on environmental sustainability in a number of ways. Most notably, Kodak works to

  • Make their products more reliable and longer lasting, so that more time passes before they need to be replaced. This means fewer materials need to be used to accomplish the same amount of work.

  • Raise the percentage of recyclable materials used to build new products. This means new products make use of materials previously wasted and left in landfills or other waste collection facilities.

  • Decrease the energy consumption of products by increasing the energy efficiency and work output efficiency of these new products. These efforts allows us to save on energy costs and to lower our carbon foot print. This means we can accomplish more while having less adverse impact on our environment.

Kodak Alaris - White Paper**CLICK HERE** To See The Kodak Alaris Sustainability White Paper

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