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Safeguard from disaster: Convert your paper files to digitalĀ 

We can prevent you from losing your business critical data! In the event of a catastrophe, our document storage and access solutions will withstand a physical disaster like fire, flooding, or electric power surge. With a solution that stores your applications and information on a collection of remote, secure servers you will have access to your information at all times from anywhere you can access the internet.

Disaster Proof Files

Precision Products has been helping with disaster recovery for over a decade

Precision Products has been around for more than a decade. During that time, we’ve been helping companies with disaster recovery, the conversion of paper files to electronic format, storage solutions, compliance, document workflow computerization and automation, and general scanning hardware and software solutions.

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Electronic Medical Records Gets a Clean Bill of Health


The Providence Center mental health and behavioral treatment center integrated DocuWare to create complete electronic medical records. With electronic records available 24/7, staff is assured that a medical record will always be available, even after hours.

Challenge – The Providence Center serves over 11,000 clients a year and maintains a clinical medical record for each one. The records vary in size from a few sheets to over nine inches of paper. Although they work around the clock, their paper-based medical records could only be accessed from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. Records needed to be requested in advance of appointments and were physically delivered to The Providence Center

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