DocuWare - 17 Trees make 1 ton of paper - save paper save trees


DocuWare is obviously a powerful tool for increasing business productivity for your business through the elimination of lost invoices, the ending of improperly filed documents, the streamlining of  organizational processes through an efficient stamping protocol, the decrease in redundant typing from automatic indexing and machine learning features, and the increase in employee time for tasks other than searching for files in file cabinets.

Indeed, DocuWare is great for optimizing the workflow and paperflow of your company.

DocuWare - Go GreenIt should also be mentioned, though, that DocuWare can put your company on the road towards¬†” Going Green.” Just by lowering your company’s use of paper and filing cabinets, you eliminate demand for the supply of paper as well as the demand for cutting down oxygen-producing forest trees. Also, less use of filing cabinets means less mining for iron and other metals used in making steel filing cabinets ….. and this means fewer resources are consumed on our planet.

Remember, go DocuWare and start on the path towards environmental sustainability and “Going Green.”¬†