About Us

Precision Products has been helping customers manage documents and information since 1988.

Our services include Consulting for Imaging Systems & Implementation, Scanning Conversion Services, Productivity Software, Workflow, “Get-Started” packages, Scanners and Storage Systems.

Precision Products invests in maintaining authorized dealer status with certifications from document imaging leaders, including software and hardware, to provide professional solutions.

Precision Products mission is to provide the professional services and knowledge needed in the start up of systems to manage Content and the Life Cycle of documents. We provide the out “source” for your company/organization so that you don’t have to invest heavily on research, knowledge exchange, and start-up required for On Time Implementation and Success of an on-going system that includes software, hardware and follow-up support.

Understanding YOUR Pain.

Computers are supposed to make us paperless, yet more things are printed than ever before and e-mails are piling up! As computers have allowed us the ability to move information ever faster, it has also provided us with the ability to create it faster than ever. Today we are doubling the amount of information every year! Strategic solutions are required with new federal guidelines such as Sarbanes Oxley. What we have been keeping for years is overloading core business processes.

The most difficult part of going digital is getting started. This includes an understanding of just how you will do it and trying to learn how everything is going to work in this maze: training new staff, new software ,application set ups, indexing, scanners, workflow, post scan, processing, barcodes, E-Storage, access and more. Many staff days will be needed to develop, embrace and learn the procedures for going digital. The conversion of “back file” documents will be a distraction from your staff’s normal daily routines and over tax them. Adding staff will be temporary, costly and disrupt the core mission of your company.

The Solution.

Managing information has never been easier.¬†We provide the structure needed to assimilate, store and distribute vast quantities of information. Precision Products helps set up transitional processes to capture a company’s information, code it and place it into a valuable company archive that helps ensure compliancy, fiduciary responsibilities to the company knowledge, and safeguard it for a continuum. We provide consulting for imaging system design, implementation, scanning conversion services, productivity software, workflow, “Get Started” packages, and mass storage systems.

Precision Products conversion services takes the pain out of the maze of meetings, planning, hardware & software needs, staff hiring and mangement with an exit strategy. We develop procedures to allow your staff to be cost-efficient and improving productivity. Our on site back file scanning service allows you to maintain control of document availability.